Patterned Background
Menu rich in colors
verbial icons in action
Background applied
Rich colors are Shining
Different but looks Clear
Clean Award
Tested version of Basanti
This is a bridge
This bridge is very long
On the road again
This slideshow uses a JQuery script adapted from Pixedelic

Mouse pointer over a Label

                private void lblFile_MouseEnter(object sender, EventArgs e)


                                Label cntrl = (Label)(sender);

                  this.njb_menu_manager.showMenu(cntrl, "File");


Show Menu at a point

Menu can also be shown on a particular point we just have to mention the location in the parameters where user want to get the menu to be shown.

                  this.njb_menu_manager.showMenu(pointer_location, "File");

                  Parameters: Point on screen to show menu at, Menu Name to show

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