Patterned Background
Menu rich in colors
verbial icons in action
Background applied
Rich colors are Shining
Different but looks Clear
Clean Award
Tested version of Basanti
This is a bridge
This bridge is very long
On the road again
This slideshow uses a JQuery script adapted from Pixedelic

For Adding parentMenuItem 

For adding parent menu item to the menu for to access the menu in vims.dll we have to mention four parameters.Mention about the menu whose child menu to create , indexes of both the images on Mouse over and without mouse and the name of the child menu. 


Adding Parent Menu Item

                this.njb_menu_manager.addParentMenuItem("Edit", 0, 1, "Edit");

                Parameters: Menu Name, Initial Image Index, Mouseover Image Index, Child Menu Name




                                                                                      Showing Menus

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